Filming - Trailer for The Chaplain

September Newsletter 2019

Dear all, Hope you have all had a lovely summer and had a chance to have a holiday and enjoy the sunshine.  Nurture Talent is producing their own films.  It was mentioned a while back that I was keen to see all of the young people in the agency working and gaining professional film credits. It was great to work with some of you a few weeks back on the trailer for ‘ The Chaplain’. It is currently being edited and the hope is that we will be able to produce a pilot that we will be able to present […]

Easter cakes

April Newsletter 2019

Dear parents and young people,  LAMDA and Stagecoach news It was lovely to work with you on the LAMDA course at Stagecoach and I hope your child enjoyed it too. It usually takes up to 6 weeks for the results to come through so hopefully, results should be in the next few weeks and Sally will give these out at Stagecoach. Please following me on social and give feedback Please do take some time to fill out a review of the courses and like my coaching page:  If you like what I do tell me and if you don’t tell […]

Merry Christmas from Nurture Talent

Winter Newsletter 2018

Seasons greetings!! A little update on our Newsletters Just so you know, our newsletters will come out twice a year. We know everybody is busy and we do hope you will take the chance to read through our news. There will be lots of information together with a little messages from me. ACTING ALERT!! January bespoke industry workshop We have organised for a bespoke industry workshop to run in the new year!! The purpose of which to encourage, inform and equip young people about the profession. In fact, I would like to organise a few industry opportunities every year but […]

Cross and daffoldils

Spring Newsletter 2018

Hello, Hope you are all well and enjoying life. I recently had the opportunity to speak to Nuquari and Adansi in our agency about their latest endeavors. Below you’ll find my interview with Nuquari Amoateng and Adansi Amoateng who are currently involved with Motown Camp. Motown camp is a dance, singing and acting programme that has been running for the last 7 weeks in London. They are in search of a young Michael Jackson for a new West End show. So we are thrilled that Nuquari and Adansi have had this opportunity through us!! My interview with Nuquari Amoateng and […]

Merry Christmas 2017

Winter Newsletter 2017

Dear all It’s been lovely to get a flurry of young people being asked to self tape for film and t.v projects towards the end of the year. I’m looking forward to seeing these materialise into work projects for 2018!! Casting directors A mail out to casting directors has been sent out with all of the young people’s CV’s and head shots. As mentioned previously this profession is hugely competitive so it is important to update your CV’s with any skills you may have e.g instruments you play, sports, I am amazed when I speak to a young person who […]

Nurture Talent Newsletter

Autumn Newsletter 2017

A big welcome back to a new term!! And a BIG welcome to our new performers who have joined the agency!! We really hope you will have a great time with us and we are thrilled that we can work together with you to build you a great foundation and skill set that goes far beyond the performing stage. With it being October already, we are in full coaching swing and it’s lovely to be working with such a great group of talented performers. You may not have any control on whether you get an audition or a job but […]

Nurture Talent Newsletter Summer

Summer Newsletter 2017

Before you all rush off on your summer holidays I wanted to let you know a few things: The agency has had a name change. It is now Nurture Talent Personal Management Agency. As a growing business, it has become bigger than it was 4 years ago.  As of last summer, we exchanged contracts with a large international company, Netflix, and a change in brand name was desired from my perspective.  It is exciting to be partnering agent on this series – Free Rein.  I look forward to partnering with other national film and T.V companies in the future and […]

Nurture Talent Newsletter Spring

More News Spring 2017

Special mention to Leila Korolkiewicz, Ewan Croft and Matthew Ramalingam for your sterling efforts in learning and producing self-tapes in such a short space of time. It can never be underestimated how tricky a task this is as young people are given such a short time to prepare. It was great that they got the opportunity to have some interest from a leading casting agent and we are still waiting to hear back re: Ewan and his film role. Interesting to note from feedback that often it comes down to a particular look that they have in mind. It is […]

Spring Newsletter

Spring Newsletter 2017

Happy Easter everyone! It’s been a wonderful term and the young people have been growing with confidence and producing some great work. Now all that is left to say is practise, practise, practise.  I can’t stress enough that in the run up to the exam it is really important that young people are regularly practising their pieces. Pieces have been picked but if the students are going to be successful in July it will largely be down to how much work they put in at this stage. The exam is scheduled for the 14th July at the De Grey rooms […]